Travellers (Toullers)


If a tourists' corner of hell does exist, it will be undoubtedly paved with travel instructions

Antoni Maczak.

Are you tired of being just a simple tourist? Are you willing to immerse yourself in a city and live it through the eyes of a local?

Taldeg is born to give our Travellers (Toullers) the opportunity to get a deeper understanding and really get involved in the city life, and everything that makes it unique. Its activities, its secrets, the work and passion of its citizens.

The word TOULLERS comes from the union of the words Tourists and Travellers...our project is aimed to free spirits wishful to live their travel experience in a true and genuine way, far from cliches and mass tourism stereotypes.

Become now a citizen of the World, become a Bologna citizen with Taldeg!

Choose to stay in one of our flats, and before you know it you will find yourself living in an art gallery surrounded by amazing works by local artists.

Taldeg will grab you by the hand like a trusted friend, enlighting  you about Bologna's concealed and authentic soul, guiding you through countless events and special locations within the old town like a local.

Our city is your Home! Begin your experience with us today… and you will rethink your concept of traveling!


Taldeg S.R.L.

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